Haven’t been posting my works for a long time, ‘cause I’m still working with commercial shootings, so, there is not so much time for working with cosplay, and it”s really sad :<

Here we have wonderful Nonon Jakuzure by amazing Akina Lina.
Actually, her name is Polina and I love it :’) She studies architecture and she is doing it well, as I can see. 
And I want to tell you a few words about my new cool stories while we were making THIS EPIC ONE THING! Eh. I wish it could be cool for me.
When we met each other, first that we discovered that the rain was starting and we had no place to hide from it! Then, when we finally have found out a lovely pavilion, we saw a bomz (it’s a russian word for homeless, but I like it more, because it’s the abbreviation for “of no fixed adobe” - “bez opredelennogo mesta zhitel’stva”, usually, in such countries like Russia or Ukraine they are dead drunk, and the word “homeless” is more polite :D), that was sleeping on a bench! We thought, that we shouldn’t disturb him, but in a few minutes we saw 5 men, that started to argue with him with rude words. I overheard, they were arguing about something like a… girl’s bicycle? It was em… TOO STRANGE EVEN FOR ME! 
So, after that, we left the pavilion, but the rain started again, and we had to return to the pavilion, where new faces appeared. There were cute guys and girls, they came from a skate park to hide from the rain, like we did. One of them asked, what anime is cosplaying Lina and what can we recommend as Kill la Kill. We answered, that he can like T
engen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Were we right? :S
When the rain stoped, we went to the shopping center near the skate park, because we didn’t want to make shooting under the rain again. In the shopping center called “The Golden Ring” (reminds me of Tolkien, lol), we collided with a security guard, he wanted us to meet with some strange guys from commercial office of their shopping center. We said, that we were just for minute, but he called them and said, that we can make photos there for free. Inspite of this, we understood, that there was no space for us, my new lens has too big focal distance, so, we started our new journey to my grandfather’s cafe. There we stoped and made this great shooting. I’m really glad, I liked working with Lina.
Actually, there was not so much space too, so, shots are of the same type, but they are still awesome, aren’t they? ;D
Oh, and we had one fail! >< When Polina was changing her clothes to her normal one’s, she found out, she had forgot to put on her Nonon arm-band. Sorry for that, guys.
My brother Stas was helping me, his work was great too. Especially, he was good in working with my new lightning gear, should say thanks to him! 
I wanted this shooting to be made in the philharmonic society of Donetsk, it’s really epic and great building with beautiful music halls, but shootings are, unfortunately, forbidden there. Hope, you like this.

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